End of life k9 services

End of Life K9 Transitioning Service

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   I read an article on Today.com. The title read, "Is it OK for owners to leave  while Vet puts the pet down"? Before you judge, think about that. Think about that through the eyes of those dogs. Now, think of that through the eyes of their owners. For when the time came, having to put my pets to sleep was the most traumatizing thing I've ever had to do. The experience I wish upon no one person. A vow that we have committed, that no dog will transition alone. The answer to the original question of,  "Is it OK for owners to leave  while Vet puts the pet down"? The answer is simple to us... Allow us to be there along side your pet, during their end of life transition.

Transition Partner

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 No dog should die alone! Giving thought to this subject will help your dog have the best end of life experience he or she can have and they wont be alone. That is what's important! The end of life transition onto the Rainbow bridge is about your dog. Not You! The transition has to be seen through the eyes of your pet, not yours! When we are hired for end of life transitioning for pets, we act upon the best interest of  you and your pet.  Seeing and acting upon this transition with a right frame of mind, unmasked by a loss of a love one. 

Here are a few questions, that your pet will have for you to answer:

- Why is everyone upset at me for being sick?

- Did I do Something Wrong?

- I can't see you, why are you leaving me alone with the doctor?

After Life Transition

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 Once we have guided your pet across the Rainbow Bridge, bringing your loved one back home is our top priority. 

Let us bring your loved one back home. Driving under the influence of a lost loved one, is not a safe thing to do.

Pet owners may not be in the right frame of mind to be driving. Allowing us to retrieve your loved one will reduce accidents, road rage and speeding tickets. Let us retrieve your loved one. We will be in the right frame of mind to drive safely. We are Buckeye, AZ's best in Pet Services. We care about every aspect of your pets life.