Deodorant services

We remove the dog urine smell from your life.


 Dog urine odor is common in area's such as Buckeye, Tartesso, Verrado and just about every community in Arizona. Living in close communities & having a small backyard. Arizona has hard soil, dog urine has no where to break down & saturate. So, it sits there accumulating to levels that punish our sense of smell. Our Deodorizing process has made West Valley Pooper Scoopers above the rest in the Dog Poop Removal industry. Just check our reviews on Google. 

Best Deosorizing Service


 Are you over powered by dog odors? Want the smell removed?

This is our strongest and second most detailed service we have to offer.  

Our Best Deodorant service, is the best Arizona has to offer!  

Great for:

  •  Area frequently used, by dogs urinating
  • Overwhelming odor
  • Dog Urine Build up
  • Birthday or pool party
  •  In laws are to visit
  •  Artificial turf
  •  Rental home
  •  Selling a home

We just may be your miracle!

Priced for a 200 sq. ft of area.

General Service


 We want you to take pride of your piece of nature, let us remove the dog odors from your life!

Our Standard Service is primarily used after a minimum of two applications of our Elite Service. Our Standard Service is aimed primarily for those not so tough odors.

Great for:

  • Reduction of urine odors
  • Frequent use of backyard
  • Once per month use
  •  Frequent entertaining
  •  Outdoor relaxing
  • Out door entertaining
  • Sitting around the pool

"You have been through enough"!

Please let us fix it!

Priced for a 200 sq. ft of area.

Dog smell remover pricing

Rinsing with water between Deodorizing Service is key!

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 Do you want the best smelling yard in the neighborhood? 

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