About Us

We Enable

Dog Poop Removal.

 We are one of Buckeye, AZ's fastest growing business! We enable you to spend time doing the things you love. Like feeling positive  about yourself! Owning a dog is the best addition to a family. They bring security & reduce stress. However, they leave behind daily dog chores. Let us worry about the dog chores.

Give us the chore of dog poop removal & let us worry about eliminating dog odors. It’s what we do & its why we are so highly recommended by our clients! Our professional & friendly staff are more than happy to do it for you. We enable you to live happier. We enable you to touch the Earth and inherit her powers. We enable you to reduce stress and feel good about yourself. Let us enable you to focus on life’s greatest moments! 

We are not just a pet service, are we?  

Steve Pierce

Man and a dog.

 CO-Owner of West Valley Pooper Scoopers of Buckeye, AZ

Disabled military veteran of 10 years.

Steve's favorite breed is the German Shepherd!

Kat Pierce of Buckeye, AZ

A beautiful woman.

Co-Owner of West Valley Pooper Scoopers of

Buckeye, AZ

Registered Nurse at Banner Health

Kat is the "Keel" to this business!

Our pack

Mia Rae

A German Shepherd.

German Shepherd

Top dog and head of Security at

 West Valley Pooper Scoopers

Buckeye, AZ

Sometimes seen at the

 Verrado Dog Park!

Freya Rae

A Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Tolerates humans 

in or around Buckeye, AZ

But we here at 

West Valley Pooper Scoopers just love her!

Shelby Rae

An American Dingo.

American Dingo

Support dog of all members and non members of 

West Valley Pooper Scoopers of Buckeye, AZ